Cryptocurrency is an internet based online currency which Is used to make all different kinds of transactions. The best feature about cryptocurrency is that a central authority does not control it. The use of this blockchain makes it so cryptocurrencies cannot be controlled by the old ways of government and their interference in currency. Cryptocurrency made a huge jump in 2009 when bitcoin was created and crypto became a reality. Bitcoin continued to grow and got a lot of following from many people in the last 11 years. it first caught the attention of investors and media in 2013 when it jumped to 266 dollars after a huge leap in price two months prior. Bitcoin had a market value of over 2 billion at its highest point, but shortly after dropped by 50%, it started a huge discussion about what the future holds for cryptocurrency as whole but particularly bitcoin. So will these currencies one day take over from conventional currencies? Will it become as common as the euro or dollar? Or will it just fade out and become a thing of the past? Only the future will tell…..

Cryptocurrency now

In 2017, Bitcoin got noticed by millions of people hoping to make some quick easy money on the frenzy, after this it caught the attention of many media platforms and outlets. The media seemed very uncertain about the concept of bitcoin, however they did continue to report on bitcoins crazy price movement quite regularly. Everything is becoming a lot more regulated as the beginning of this year, as cryptocurrencies got a completely different kind of coverage it was very noticeable the change in what the media had to say. The crazy days of cryptocurrency were beginning to end, all of the media who were discouraging bitcoin for all this time are now focusing on how cryptos are entering the eyes of Big Tech and The People’s Bank of China. Still a lot of people are unconvinced it will go anywhere and will evidently fall here is some evidence of that

The future of cryptocurrency

A lot of analysts say that a huge change is going to happen in the world of cryptocurrency as institutional money comes into the market. There is a very big possibility that it will go on the Nasdaq, which would progress the blockchain further and its use along-side conventional currencies. Some people would say that all that every cryptocurrency need’s is a verified exchange fund (EFT). EFT would most definitely make it a lot easier for people to put their money into bitcoin/crypto, but there really needs to be a high demand on the want to invest in cryptocurrency. Some people think it may not be automatically generated with a fund.