Frequently Asked Questions

You can register by clicking here.

Currently your account has to be verified by an administrator to gain access. This is because we are still testing our product. This will be removed soon.

This can be caused by many things. Please check your settings if everything is setup correctly.

If you are logged in you can visit the Credits page where you can fill up your credits. Payments are made trough the CoinPayments payment provider.

A license must be linked to your bot in order to use it. This costs $10 each month. This can be payed with credits.

Currently only Binance is available. We are planning on adding more exchanges in the future.

No. Currently it is only possible to permanently delete your bot, not your account. If you wish to delete your account, please contact us.

Yes. To secure transactions and allow no one else to perform actions on your API keys except your Bot.

No. We do not setup or configure any strategies and/or triggers based on our preferences.

Any update regarding the platform will be announced prior to the update. Make sure your assets are safe during that time. If you have a strategy or trigger active, those will be paused during the update and resume after the update. Any loss during this process will not be recovered or reimbursed.

No. Once you have verified your action to delete a bot, this cannot be undone. You will have to create a new bot in order to continue.

There is no upper limit on how many bots one account can have.