Automated trading

Automated trading is one of the core components of Smart Crypto Bot. Once you have set up your bot, it will take care of itself and will start trading for you.
It will buy and sell according to your settings.


Your bot will start buying crypto when your buying conditions have been met. Your bot reacts faster and automatically and allows you to be away from the computer.


Selling manually could mean you are too late or that you have to stay up late to sell a coin. Your bot trades 24/7 so you don't have to worry about that!


Maintaining and trading multiple positions is a chore if you have to do it by yourself. With Smart Crypto Bot's automation you can be asleep or away and your bot will sell at the ideal time.

Trailing Stop-loss

Trailing Stop-loss allows you to sell your coin at a given profit percentage. When it drops too much, your bot will sell the position.

Take profit

Want to sell your position when you've made enough gains? You can set up a take profit to close your position when a percentage gain is hit.

No system requirements

No installation required. Our platform is web-based, meaning you can use Smart Crypto Bot as long as there's an internet connection.