Select indicators and actions, configure them and the bot will take care of the rest for you.


Triggers are user-defined trading conditions. If these conditions are met, your trigger will perform a given set of actions.


We have a wide array of indicators for you to use. From Bollinger Bands to Percentage Change and much more, there's a lot to choose from!


Once the conditions of an indicator is met, the trigger then executes the actions you have defined. Actions allow your Smart Crypto Bot to fulfill tasks like buying and/or selling coins, turning your bot on or off and many more.

What are trigger groups?

Triggers groups are groups of triggers that are combined and provide an easy overview to see which trigger is doing what.

Edit your trigger groups

Triggers groups are editable! This means you can change the behaviour of your trigger within a group.

What are trigger phases?

Trigger phases are triggers that are set up to activate based on the order they are placed in.

Multiple phases

Phases are stages of trigger groups. When a phase is finished, if defined by your settings, it will go to the next phase.