Our plan

We keep it simple

Smart Crypto Bot provides you with an advanced trading bot, high level support and 24/7 activity.
In exchange we ask for a 0.1% fee per trade and a recurring payment of €10.00 per bot each month.
For this reasonable price you can make full use of our platform.

One bot

We keep it simple


/ Month, per bot

+ 0.1% fee

What does Smart Crypto Bot offer?

Well, all of this.

Automated trading is one of the core components of Smart Crypto Bot. Once you have set up your bot, it will take care of itself and will start trading for you. It will buy and sell according to your settings.

Your bot has loss prevention techniques that will minimize any potential losses. We have everything from Stop-loss to Sell strategies.

Smart Crypto Bot has an extensive catalog of charts. Track averages, amount of positive coins and much more.

Alter the appearance of your bot to your desire. Change colours, enable or disable tables, columns and more.

We have integrated multiple usable trading strategies for you to use. Our strategies are based on a trading algorithm developed by traders, for traders.

Easily manage your portfolio. See your balance, open positions and orders in one quick overview.

Select indicators and actions, configure them and the bot will take care of the rest for you.

Your bot is online 24/7. Even when you are not at your computer, your bot will do the work for you.